University Project. November - December 2018.

CIRKLE is a fictitious Condé Nast Contract Publishing publication empowered by Kering, about the luxury of tomorrow.

This high standard magazine is celebrating sustainable innovations and conscious craftsmanship in the textile industry, from the sourcing of raw materials to the embellishment of the fabrics. Published twice a year at the time of Textile Fairs, ahead of Fashion Weeks, in mid-January and mid-July, the publication aims at challenging the luxury consumer’s perception of sustainability in fashion and art. 

Through a highly creative layout, CIRKLE is presenting technological breakthroughs and artistic approaches to textile in a luxurious, textured manner. Indeed, the magazine includes real textile swatches, “materialising” the features. An exclusive app is associated with the publication, to add to the multi-sensory experience of the reader and give the user unique insights behind the scenes of the luxury textile industry.

The publication adheres to the circular economy, entirely made out of 100% or partly recycled material, as well as conceived to be kept and displayed as an art object, witness of the progress of its time.

The publication will naturally align with Kering’s engagements for women (Kering Foundation for Women) and young talents (Kering x LCF), promoting equality and emerging creatives, leading the way to a better luxury industry.

The name “CIRKLE” echoes both the magazine’s role as an actor of the circular economy, as well as the belonging to a very private members’ club, a circle of initiates. It is intentionally misspelt, the “K” of Kering replacing the second “C” of the word.

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