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Communicating Joy is a project at the crossroads between Design and Communication. It presents an alternative model where the garment is the main communication tool of a fashion industry rooted in arts, and aware of its influence on the wider eco-system. 
This BA project includes a video portraying the emotion of joy, a lookbook of the positive garments collection, a multi-sensory installation and a mini-exhibition catalogue.

“You are feeling joyful. So joyful. How, in a world at the edge of multiple social, economic and political crisis, how can you feel joyful? How within fashion, an industry that can also have a negative social impact, how can you feel joyful??... It looks seems seems like it is your garments. Yes, it is your garments that make you joyful! But wait, how can your garments generate such a positive emotion for you? Oh, it is surely their prints. Yes, it is the colours and the rippling pattern of the prints that make you feel joyful. They are so beautiful; stimulating and calming at the same time, they remind you of the movement of water. Or it the fabric? This material feels really, really soft on your skin. And it is an eco-friendly fabric as well, isn’t it? ...Is that what makes you joyful then? You don’t know. Maybe...maybe it is everything. The colours combined with the fabric. The prints and the material that connect you with nature. Your garments, they generate positive emotions for you. It is as if they were communicating joy.”




Ancre 1

BA Project. July - August 2019.

JOY video.

Creative direction, fashion design and styling   Diane Wallinger

Shoot and edit   Benjamin Leggett

Talent  Regiane De Almeida

MUA   Olivia Hoole

Camera 2   Jeremie Brivet

Gaffer   Hollie Mapp

PA   Holly Xue

PA   Zuzanna Kuzcborska

Ancre 2

BA Project. July - August 2019.

Positive Emotions Lookbook.

Creative direction, fashion design and styling   Diane Wallinger

Shoot and edit   Nicolas El Kadiri

Talent  Pauline Simi

MUA   Salomé Rollier

Ancre 3

Communicating Joy included the realisation of a multi-sensory installation aimed at recreating the emotions communicated by the garments for a greater number of visitors. The artwork was constituted of panels of different materials, including the fabric leftovers from the garment making process. The ambience was created around the collection, and the latter was included within the display.

The installation was not presented at the BA exhibition held at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design.

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