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The CARE OF SELF, CARE OF WORLD project consists of a 4-look digital collection, a fashion-meditation series and one physical outfit. These design outcomes are based on an academic research on fashion designers' capacity to enhance the individuals' well-being, in the context on the transition to sustainability.

In fact, rather than targeting sustainability, this abstract and trendy concept, the project explores explicitly how improved well-being could lead to the adoption of the Earth Logic values. The endorsement of these values, gathered in Fletcher and Tham's (2019) Earth Logic value-framework, represents the first step in realising the plan that will help us transition from the economic growth to the Earth Logic. You can find the complete Earth Logic plan and discover its value-explicit framework here.

The looks are fundamentally based on the research findings, which indicated that fashion design is likelier to generate Positive Emotions and encourage individuals to adopt the care of self value (from the Earth Logic values). The colours of the collection, both bright for the gradients and pastel for the jackets and backgrounds, generate positivity. The jackets' shapes evoke duvets and cushions, while the ensembles are daywear versions of satin pyjamas. All those elements come together to communicate both energy, serenity and power to the individuals, inviting them to take care of themselves, to build the necessary physical and mental resilience to take care of the world. This heroic feeling is reflected in the bright colours, the jumpsuits, and the looks' belts, inspired by superhero costumes.

All the digital looks are exclusively available to buy from leading virtual platform

The videos are considered an extension of the collection and, therefore, a part of the fashion design outcome. They immerse individuals into the concept of the collection and audio-visually communicate the universe of each outfit. They share a similar aesthetic to the inspirational images and are at the crossroad between fashion short films and meditation videos, hence the expression “fashion-meditation”.

The videos are also available on Vimeo.

As fashion-meditation is an ongoing experiment, we would love to hear your feedback on your experience of the below videos. You can share it via this form.

There are many exciting additions to the CARE OF SELF, CARE OF WORLD project coming soon. You can follow STUDIO DNWLLNGR on Instagram or subscribe to our more or less bi-monthly newsletter to stay updated.

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