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Positiving noun
The act of believing in, as well as thinking and behaving towards the realisation of something positive.

Yes, «positiving» is not a word. Not yet. But it reflects perfectly the objective of this installation, which is a manifesto inviting artists and designers to include positive future thinking in their practice, to motivate the public to step out of uncertainty and act towards desirable futures.

A review of the existing literature informed the rationale behind the exhibition; indeed, the authors mentioned the importance of collaboration and of considering the wellbeing of both nature and human. Based on these principles, the installation is made out of words collected via Instagram surveys, and its environmental impact has been limited to a minimum. The primary research also revealed that artists and designers have a predominant role to play in the forecasting of positive future predictions. In a world focused on the present, they have the responsibility to present the public with different futures alternatives. Therefore, the exhibition immerses the visitor in a range of positive futures envisioned collectively and ideally induces a desire for positiving.

The Positive Futures display is currently looking for a new exhibition space! If you would like to add some positive vibes to your gallery, restaurant, hall or other, please contact DNWLLNGR here.


Positive Performance videos

Ancre 1

University project. September 2019 - February 2020.

All the 25 words presented in this installation have been collected via Instagram surveys in both French and English. The inquiry was the following:

One word, or a string of words (max. 3), to describe a positive/ideal/dream future. Free your mind, there is no limit!

All the answers have been selected without censorship from the artist. This decision was made consciously so that the installation reflects a positive future vision that is collective, rather than the artist’s own. This time, the role of art was to confront, question or associate people’s voices to create a range of positive future alternatives. This is reflected in the positioning of each word or group of words. All the different options work together to create a balanced global vision.

The height of each word is linked to its meaning. Words like “freedom” or “transparent” leave the way clear, whereas words like “together” or “approachable” are accessible and engaging. You can learn more about each word on the plan at the back of this leaflet.

Images   Diane Wallinger

Ancre 2

University project. September 2019 - February 2020.

As part of the Positive Futures exhibition, a Positive Performance took place, performed by two dancers from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance. A ​colourful, fluid incarnation of positiving, set to music by one of the performers herself. 

Visit DNWLLNGR Instagram account for more images of the performance.

Performers   Diane Didenko & Maryanne Petters

Sound   Diane Didenko

Shoot and edit, styling   Diane Wallinger

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